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IEEE NS2 2016 & 2017

1. Virtual Multipath Attack And Defense For Location Distinction In Wireless Networks
2. Two-Sided Matching Based Cooperative Spectrum Sharing
3. Towards Information Diffusion In Mobile Social Networks
4. Towards Distributed Optimal Movement Strategy For Data Gathering In Wireless Sensor Networks
5. State Estimation Oriented Wireless Transmission For Ubiquitous Monitoring In Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems
6. Spectrum-Energy Efficiency Optimization For Downlink Lte-A For Heterogeneous Networks
7. Space-Time Network Coding With Transmit Antenna Selection And Maximal-Ratio Combining
8. Secure Data Aggregation In Wireless Sensor Networks: Filtering Out The Attacker’s Impact
9. Resource Allocation For A Massive Mimo Relayaided Secure Communication
10. Real-Time Path Planning Based Onhybrid-Vanet-Enhanced Transportation System
11. Providing Privacy-Aware Incentives In Mobile Sensing Systems
12. Privacy Protection For Wireless Medicalsensor Data
13. Priority-Aware Fec Coding For High-Definition Mobile Video Delivery Using Tcp
14. Priority-Aware Fec Coding For High-Definition Mobile Video Delivery Using Tcp
15. Physical-Layer Network Coding In Two-Wayheterogeneous Cellular Networks With Power Imbalance
16. Opportunistic Concurrency: A Mac Protocol For Wireless Sensor Networks
17. On The Construction Of Data Aggregation Tree With Maximizing Lifetime In Large Scale Wireless Sensor Networks
18. Network Coding As A Performance Booster Forconcurrent Multi-Path Transfer Of Data In Multi-Hopwireless Networks
19. Mobile-Projected Trajectory Algorithm With Velocity-Change Detection For Predicting Residual Link Lifetime In Manet
20. Mobile Demand Profiling Forcellular Cognitive Networking
21. Maximizing The Sum Rate In Cellular Networks Using Multi-Convex Optimization
22. Maximizing Energy Efficiency For Loss Tolerant Applications: The Packet Buffering Case
23. Key-Recovery Attacks On Kids, A Keyed Anomaly Detection System
24. Improved Privacy-Preserving P2p Multimedia Distribution Based On Recombined Fingerprints
25. Lifetime Maximization Of Wireless Sensor Networks With A Mobilesource Node
26. In-Network Aggregation For Vehicularad Hoc Networks
27. Increasing User Perceived Quality By Selectiveload Balancing Of Video Traffic In Wireless Networks
28. Increasing User Perceived Quality By Selectiveload Balancing Of Video Traffic In Wireless Networks
29. Hydrocast: Pressure Routing For Underwater Sensor Networks
30. Hybrid Spectrum Sharing Through Adaptive Spectrum Handoff And Selection
31. Group Key Agreement With Local Connectivity
32. Getrust: A Guarantee-Based Trust Model In Chord-Based P2p Networks
33. Geographic And Opportunistic Routing For Underwater Sensor Networks
34. Game User-Oriented Multimedia Transmission Overcognitive Radio Networks
35. Fluidnet: A Flexible Cloud-Based Radio Accessnetwork For Small Cells
36. Enhanced Deployment Algorithms For Heterogeneous Directional Mobile Sensors In A Bounded Monitoring Area
37. Energy-Aware Cooperative Wireless Networks With Multiple Cognitive Users
38. Energy-Aware Bio-Signal Compressed Sensingreconstruction: Focuss On The Wbsn-Gateway
39. Empowering Device-To-Device Networks With Cross-Link Interference Management
40. Efficient Tracking Area Management Framework For 5g Networks
41. Efficient Broadcasting In Vanets Using Dynamic Backbone And Network Coding
42. Effective Key Management In Dynamic Wireless Sensor Networks
43. Edsa: Energy-Efficient Dynamic Spectrumaccess Protocols For Cognitive Radio Networks
44. Dynamic Routing For Data Integrity And Delay Differentiated Services In Wireless Sensor Networks
45. Dynamic Frequency Resource Allocation Inheterogeneous Cellular Networks
46. Discovering Mobile Applications In Cellular Device-To-Device Communications: Hashfunction And Bloom Filter-Based Approach
47. Delay Analysis Of Multichannel Opportunistic Spectrum Access Mac Protocols
48. Decentralized Beam Former Design With Limited Multi-Cell Cooperation For
Interference Channel Of Cognitive Radio Networks
49. Defending Against Collaborative Attacks By Malicious Nodes In Manets: A Cooperative Bait Detection Approach
50. D2d: Delay-Aware Distributed Dynamic Adaptation Of Contention Window In Wireless Networks
51. Cost-Efficient Strategies For Restraining Rumor Spreading In Mobile Social Networks
52. Contact-Aware Data Replication In Roadside Unit Aided Vehicular Delay Tolerant Networks
53. Blackhole Attack Detection And Prevention By Real Time Monitoring
54. Authorized And Rogue Device Discrimination Using Dimensionally Reduced Rf-Dna Fingerprints
55. A Secure Scheme Against Power Exhausting Attacks In Hierarchical Wireless Sensor Networks
56. Anti-Eavesdropping Schemes For Interference Alignment (Ia)-Based Wireless Networks
57. An Efficient Anonymous Batch Authentication Scheme Based On Hmac For Vanets
58. Activetrust: Secure And Trustable Routing Inwireless Sensor Networks
59. A Unified Resource Allocation Framework For Defending Against Pollution Attacks In Wireless Network Coding Systems
60. A Secure Scheme Against Power Exhausting Attacks In Hierarchical Wireless Sensor Networks
61. A New Authentication Protocol For An Authentication-As-A-Service (Aaas) Cloud Using Pedersen Commitment Scheme
62. Enabling Fine-Grained Multi-Keyword Search Supporting Classified Sub-Dictionaries Over Encrypted Cloud Data
63. 2flip: A Two-Factor Lightweight Privacy Preserving Authentication Scheme For Vanet