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IEEE BigData 2016 & 2017

1. A Big Data Clustering Algorithm For Mitigating The Risk Of Customer Churn
2. A Cloud Reservation System For Big Data Applications
3. A Crowd Sourcing Worker Quality Evaluation Algorithm On Mapreduce For Bigdata Applications
4. A Dynamical And Load-Balanced Flow Scheduling Approach For Big Data Centres In Clouds
5. A Hybrid Approach To Clustering In Big Data
6. A Mapreduce-Based Nearest Neighbor Approach For Big-Data-Driven Traffic Flow Prediction
7. A Novel Association Rule Mining Method Of Big Data For Power Transformers State Parameters Based On Probabilistic Graph Model
8. A Parallel Patient Treatment Time Prediction Algorithm And Its Applications In Hospital Queuing-Recommendation In A Big Data Environment
9. A Parallel Random Forest Algorithm For Big Data In A Spark Cloud Computing Environment
10. A Pretreatment Workflow Scheduling Approach For Big Data Applications In Multi-Cloud Environments
11. A Real-Time Big Data Gathering Algorithm Based On Indoor Wireless Sensor Networks For Risk Analysis Of Industrial Operations
12. A Review Of Theoretical And Practical Challenges Of Trusted Autonomy In Big Data
13. Adaptive Replication Management In Hdfsbased On Supervised Learning
14. Algorithmseer: A System For Extracting And Searching For Algorithms In Scholarly Big Data
15. An Efficient And Fine-Grained Big Data Access Control Scheme With Privacy-Preserving Policy
16. A Personalized Travel Sequence Recommendation On Multi-Source Big Social Media
17. An Unlicensed Taxi Identification Model Based On Big Data Analysis
18. Analyzing Big Smart Metering Data Towards Differentiated Userservices: A Sublinear Approach
19. Applicability Of Big Data Techniques To Smart Cities Deployments
20. Big Data Caching For Networking: Moving From Cloud To Edge
21. Big Data For Remote Sensing: 2 Challenges And Opportunities
22. Big Data In Mobile Social Networks:A Qoe-Oriented Framework
23. Big Data Meet Green Challenges: Greening Big Data
24. Big Data Privacy In Biomedical Research
25. Big Data Routing In D2d Communications With Cognitive Radio Capability
26. Cloud Infrastructure Resource Allocation For Big Data Applications
27. Clustering Big Spatiotemporal-Interval Data
28. Clustering Of Electricity Consumption Behavior Dynamics Toward Big Data Applications
29. Collaboration- And Fairness-Aware Big Data Management In Distributed Clouds
30. Deduplication On Encrypted Big Data In Cloud
31. Privacy-Preserving Verifiable Set Operation In Bigdata For Cloud-Assisted Mobile Crowd Sourcing
32. Distributed Feature Selection For Efficient Economic Big Data Analysis
33. Distribution System Model Calibration With Big Data From Ami And Pv Inverters
34. Dynamic Job Ordering And Slot Configurations For Mapreduce Workloads
35. Dynamic Resource Allocation For Mapreduce With Partitioning Skew
36. European Option Pricing With A Fast Fourier Transform Algorithm For Big Data Analysis
37. Greener Data Exchange In The Cloud: A Coding Based Optimization For Big Data Processing
38. Hadoop Performance Modeling For Job Estimation And Resource Provisioning
39. Hashedcubes: Simple, Low Memory, Real-Time Visual Exploration Of Big Data
Incremental Query Processing On Big Data Streams
40. K Nearest Neighbour Joins For Big Data On Mapreduce: A Theoretical And Experimental Analysis
41. K Nearest Neighbour Joins For Big Data Onmapreduce: A Theoretical And Experimentalanalysis
42. Mining Suspicious Tax Evasion Groups In Big Data
43. On Improving Constrained Single And Group Operator Placement Using Evictions In Big Data Environments
44. On The Feasibility Of Distributed Kernel Regression For Big Data
45. On Traffic-Aware Partition And Aggregation In mapreduce For Big Data Applications
46. On Traffic-Aware Partition And Aggregation In mapreduce For Big Data Applications
47. Optimization For Speculative Execution In Bigdata Processing Clusters
48. Optimizing End-To-End Big Data Transfers Over Terabits Network Infrastructure
49. An Intelligent Information Forwarder For Healthcare Big Data Systems With Distributed Wearable Sensors
50. Power System Transient Stability Assessment Based On Big Data And The Core Vector Machine
51. Privacy-Preserving Ride Sharing Scheme For Autonomous Vehicles In Big Data Era
52. Differentially Private Online Learning For Cloud-Based Video Recommendation With Multimedia Big Data In Social Networks
53. Repeatability And Similarity Of Freeway Traffic Flow And Long-Term Prediction Under Big Data
54. Rfhoc: A Random-Forest Approach To Auto-Tuning Hadoop’s Configuration
55. Sentiment Computing For The News Event Based On The Social Media Big Data
56. Service Rating Prediction By Exploring Social Mobile Users’ Geographical Locations
57. Smart Cities, Big Data, And Communities: Reasoning From The Viewpoint Of Attractors
58. Social-Network-Sourced Big Data Analytics
59. Spark-Based Large-Scale Matrix Inversion For Big Data Processing
60. Structural Balance Theory-Based E-Commerce Recommendation Over Big Rating Data
61. Supervised Aggregative Feature Extraction For Big Data Time Series Regression
62. T-Desp: Destination Prediction Based On Big Trajectory Data
63. The Internet Of Things For Health Care: A Comprehensive Survey
64. Tord Problem And Its Solution Based On Big Trajectories Data
65. Visual Exploration Of Changes In Passenger Flows And Tweets On Mega-City Metro Network
66. When Big Data Are Too Much: Effects Of Lidar Returns And Point Density On Estimation Of Forest Biomass
67. Wide Area Analytics For Geographically Distributed Datacenters
68. 6. A Mapreduce-Based Nearest Neighbor Approach For Big-Data-Driven Traffic Flow Prediction