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IEEE MATLAB 2017-2018

1 Hierarchical Guidance Filtering-Based Ensemble Classification for Hyperspectral Images
2 Perceptual Adaptation of Image based on Chevreul-Mach Bands Visual Phenomenon
3 dipIQ: Blind Image Quality Assessment by Learning-to-Rank Discriminable Image Pairs
4 Cross-Label Suppression: A Discriminative and Fast Dictionary Learning With Group Regularization
5 Context: Text Detection for Fine-grained Object Classification
6 Motion-Compensated Compression of Dynamic Voxelized Point Clouds
7 Features Classification Forest: A Novel Development that is Adaptable to Robust Blind
8 Contrast Enhancement Based on Intrinsic Image Decomposition
9 Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Inverse Problems in Imaging
10 A NOvel Fast Tensor-Based Preconditioner for Image Restoration
11 PCB Reverse Engineering Using Nondestructive X-ray Tomography and Advanced Image Processing
12 Spherepix: a Data Structure for Spherical Image Processing
13 A Software Demonstrator for Cognitive Image Processing Using the Associative Memory chip
14 A Smart Phone Image Processing Application for Plant Disease Diagnosis
15 Implementation Of Virtual Fitting Room Using Image Processing
16 An Innovative Practice in a Graduate Course Combining Startups Evaluation and Image Processing
17 A Survey on Brain Tumor Detection Using Image Processing Techniques
18 Learning the image processing pipeline
19 Piecewise-stationary motion modeling and iterative smoothing to track heterogeneous particle motions in dense environments
20 Locator-Checker-Scaler Object Tracking Using Spatially Ordered and Weighted Patch Descriptor
21 Fast segmentation from blurred data in 3D fluorescence microscopy
22 Enhancement of Visual Comfort and Sense of Presence on Stereoscopic 3D Images
23 Image Reconstruction using Matched Wavelet Estimated from Data Sensed Compressively using Partial Canonical Identity Matrix
24 A Multi-objective Decision Making Approach for Solving the Image Segmentation Fusion Problem
25 Feasible and Robust Optimization Framework for Auxiliary Information Refinement in Spatially-Varying Image Enhancement
26 Fusion Similarity-Based Re-ranking for SAR Image Retrieval
27 Selective Convolutional Descriptor Aggregation for Fine-Grained Image Retrieval
28 Semi-supervised Online Multi-kernel Similarity Learning for Image Retrieval
29 Learning Short Binary Codes for Large-scale Image Retrieval
30 Retrieval Compensated Group Structured Sparsity for Image Super-Resolution
31 Unsupervised Visual Hashing with Semantic Assistant for Content-Based Image Retrieval
32 Image Piece Learning for Weakly Supervised Semantic Segmentation
33 Fast Unsupervised Bayesian Image Segmentation With Adaptive Spatial Regularisation
34 Disjunctive Normal Parametric Level Set With Application to Image Segmentation
35 Weighted Level Set Evolution Based on Local Edge Features for Medical Image Segmentation
36 Segmentation-Based Fine Registration of Very High Resolution Multi-temporal Images
37 Fast Multi region Image Segmentation Using Statistical Active Contours
38 Unsupervised Multi-Class Co-Segmentation via Joint-Cut Over L1 -Manifold Hyper-Graph of Discriminative Image Regions
39 Residual De-Convolutional Networks for Brain Electron Microscopy Image Segmentation
40 Segmentation Based Sparse Reconstruction of Optical Coherence Tomography Images
41 Integrated Localization and Recognition for Inshore Ships in Large Scene Remote Sensing Images
42 Airplane Recognition in Terra SAR-X Images via Scatter Cluster Extraction and Reweighted Sparse Representation
43 Automated Melanoma Recognition in Dermoscopy Images via Very Deep Residual Networks
44 Classification via Sparse Representation of Steerable Wavelet Frames on Grassmann Manifold: Application to Target Recognition in SAR Image
45 Turning Diffusion-Based Image Colorization Into Efficient Color Compression
46 Adaptive Spectral-Spatial Compression of Hyperspectral Image With Sparse Representation
47 Predictive Lossless Compression of Regions of Interest in Hyperspectral Images With No-Data Regions
48 Region-of-Interest Coding Based on Saliency Detection and Directional Wavelet for Remote Sensing Images
49 Error-Resilient Video Encoding Using Parallel Independent Signature Processing
50 Extended Selective Encryption of H.264/AVC (CABAC)- and HEVC-Encoded Video Streams
51 Three-Pronged Compensation and Hysteresis Thresholding for Moving Object Detection in Real-Time Video Surveillance
52 Moving Object Detection With a Freely Moving Camera via Background Motion Subtraction
53 Moving Object Detection Using Tensor-Based Low-Rank and Saliently Fused-Sparse Decomposition
54 Utility-Driven Adaptive Preprocessing for Screen Content Video Compression
55 A Joint Compression Scheme of Video Feature Descriptors and Visual Content
56 Coding Flow: Enable Video Coding for Video Stabilization
57 Geodesic Video Stabilization in Transformation Space
58 Real-Time Feature-Based Video Stabilization on FPGA
59 Video Stabilization for Strict Real-Time Applications
60 A Global Approach to Fast Video Stabilization
63 Adaptive Spectral-Spatial Compression of Hyperspectral Image With Sparse Representation