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IEEE Dotnet 2016 -2017

1. A Cloud-Based Smart-Parking System Based On Internet-Of-Things Technologies
2. A Low-Cost Low-Power Ring Oscillator-Based Truly Random Number Generator For Encryption On Smart Cards
3. A Recommendation System Based On Hierarchical Clustering Of An Article-Level Citation Network.
4. A Secure And Dynamic Multi-Keyword Ranked Search Scheme Over Encrypted Cloud Data
5. A Shoulder Surfing Resistant Graphical Authentication System.
6. An Exploration Of Geographic Authentication Schemes
7. Authentication Of Smartphone Users Using Behavioral Biometrics
8. Designing A Secure Exam Management System (Sems) For M-Learning Environments
9. Dual-Server Public-Key Encryption With Keyword Search For Secure Cloud Storage
10. Dynamic And Public Auditing With Fair Arbitration For Cloud Data.
11. Efficient Group Key Transfer Protocol For Wsns.
12. Enabling Cloud Storage Auditing With Verifiable Outsourcing Of Key Updates
13. Encrypted Data Management With Deduplication In Cloud Computing.
14. Eplq Efficient Privacy-Preserving Location-Based Query Over Outsourced Encrypted Data
15. Fine-Grained Two-Factor Access Control For Web-Based Cloud Computing Services.
16. Identity-Based Proxy-Oriented Data Uploading And Remote Data Integrity Checking In Public Cloud.
17. Intelligent Hands Free Speech Based Sms System On Android
18. Inverted Linear Quadtree Efficient Top Kspatial Keyword Search.
19. Mmbcloud-Tree Authenticated Index For Verifiable Cloud Service Selection.
20. Passbyop Bring Your Own Picture For Securing Graphical Passwords
21. Privacy-Preserving Location Sharing Services For Social Networks.
22. Privacy-Preserving-Outsourced Association Rule Mining On Vertically Partitioned Databases
23. Protecting Your Right Verifiable Attribute-Based Keyword Search With Fine-Grained Owner-Enforced Search Authorization In The Cloud.
24. Providing User Security Guarantees In Public Infrastructure Clouds.
25. Publicly Verifiable Inner Product Evaluation Over Outsourced Data Streams Under Multiple Keys.
26. Read2me A Cloud- Based Reading Aid For The Visually Impaired.
27. Sbvlc Secure Barcode-Based Visible Light Communication For Smartphones.
28. Secure Data Analytics For Cloud- Integrated Internet Of Things Applications.
29. Secure Reversible Image Data Hiding Over Encrypted Domain Via Key Modulation.
30. Securing Sift Privacy-Preserving Outsourcing Computation Of Feature Extractions Over Encrypted Image Data.
31. Service Usage Classification With Encrypted Internet Traffic In Mobile Messaging Apps
32. Text Mining The Contributors To Rail Accidents
33. Trust-But-Verify Verifying Result Correctness Of Outsourced Frequent Itemset Mining In Data-Mining-As-A-Service Paradigm.
34. Understanding Smartphone Sensor And App Data For Enhancing The Security Of Secret Questions.