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Best Project Center in Pondicherry

1. MRMondrian: Scalable Multidimensional Anonymisation for Big Data Privacy Preservation 
2. Job Allocation Mechanism for Battery Consumption Minimization of Cyber-Physical-Social Big Data Processing based on Mobile Cloud Computing
Exploiting Industrial Big Data Strategy for Load Balancing in Industrial Wireless Mobile Networks
4. Comparative Analysis of Energy-Efficient Scheduling Algorithms for Big Data Applications
5. Fuzzy-folded Bloom Filter-as-a-Service for Big Data Storage in the Cloud
6. Big Data Analysis-Based Secure Cluster Management for Optimized Control Plane in Software-Defined Networks
7. Auditing Big Data Storage in Cloud Computing Using Divide and Conquer Tables
8. Advanced Media-based Smart Big Data on Intelligent Cloud Systems
9. Efficient Secure Outsourcing of Large-scale Convex Separable Programming for Big Data
10. A Distributed Computing Platform for fMRI Big Data Analytics
11. Clustering Approach Based on Mini Batch Kmeans for Intrusion Detection System over Big Data
12. 5G-Smart Diabetes: Toward Personalized Diabetes Diagnosis with Healthcare Big Data Clouds
13. A Deep Learning-Based Data Minimization Algorithm for Fast and Secure Transfer of Big Genomic Datasets
14. A Bi-objective Hyper-heuristic Support Vector Machines for Big Data Cyber-Security
15. Advanced Media-based Smart Big Data on Intelligent Cloud Systems
16. A Searchable and Verifiable Data Protection Scheme for Scholarly Big Data
17. A GPU-aware Parallel Index for Processing High-dimensional Big Data
18. A Robust Moving Object Detection in Multi-Scenario Big Data for Video Surveillance
19. Renewable Energy-Aware Big Data Analytics in Geo-distributed Data Centers with Reinforcement Learning
20. On Scalable and Robust Truth Discovery in Big Data Social Media Sensing Applications
21. Highly Accurate Image Reconstruction for Multimodal Noise Suppression Using Semisupervised Learning on Big Data
22. Three hierarchical levels of Big-data Market Model over Multiple Data Sources for Internet of Things
23. Redundancy Avoidance for Big Data in Data Centers: A Conventional Neural Network Approach
24. Providing Healthcare-as-a-Service Using Fuzzy Rule-Based Big Data Analytics in Cloud Computing
25. Big Data Analytics in Intelligent Transportation Systems: A Survey
26. CityLines: Designing Hybrid Hub-and-Spoke Transit System with Urban Big Data
27. Big data analysis and scheduling optimization system oriented assembly process for complex equipment
28. An innovative methodology for Big Data Visualization for telemedicine
29. Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Next-Generation Wireless Networks
30. Industrial Big Data Analytics for Prediction of Remaining Useful Life Based on Deep Learning
31. A Framework for the Automatic Vectorization of Parallel Sort on x86-based Processors
32. FlinkCL: An OpenCL-based In-Memory Computing Architecture on Heterogeneous CPU-GPU Clusters for Big Data
33. A Distributed HOSVD Method With Its Incremental Computation for Big Data in Cyber-Physical-Social Systems
34. Privacy-Preserving Auction for Big Data Trading Using Homomorphic Encryption
35. On Distributed Fuzzy Decision Trees for Big Data
36. Comparative Analysis of Energy-Efficient Scheduling Algorithms for Big Data ApplicationsFinding Top-k Dominance on Incomplete Big Data Using MapReduce Framework
37. Improving Viability of Electric Taxis by Taxi Service Strategy Optimization: A Big Data Study of New York City
38. Cloud Centric Authentication for Wearable Healthcare Monitoring System
39. Sentiment Analysis of Big Data: Methods, Applications, and Open Challenges