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Embedded 2017-2018

  1. Improving Home Automation Security; Integrating Device Fingerprinting into Smart Home


  1. Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensors for Smart Cities


  1. Privacy-Preserving Data Analytics in Cloud-Based Smart Home with Community Hierarchy


  1. Demand Planning in Smart Homes


  1. A Study of the Mesh Topology in a ZigBee Network for Home Automation Applications


  1. Efficient and Autonomous Energy Management Techniques for the Future Smart Homes


  1. Product Safety of the Internet of Things


  1. Smart Home: Cognitive Interactive People-Centric Internet of Things


  1. SITE: The Simple Internet of Things Enabler for Smart Homes


  1. Resource Provisioning for Cloud-Assisted Body Area Network in a Smart Home Environment


  1. Improving Smart Home Security; Integrating Logical Sensing into Smart Home


  1. Anonymous Secure Framework in Connected Smart Home Environments


  1. Equivalence of Multi-Time Scale Optimization for Home Energy Management Considering User Discomfort Preference



  1. Smart Configuration of Smart Environments\


  1. Activity-aware Sensor Cycling for Human Activity Monitoring in Smart Homes


  1. Residence Energy Control System Based on Wireless Smart Socket and IoT



  1. A Smart Approach on Collecting Working Condition Data from Home Appliances under the Field Test


  1. ATHOME: Automatic Tunable Wireless Charging for Smart Home


  1. SDN@home A Method for Controlling Future Wireless Home Networks


  1. An Innovative Approach for forecasting of Energy Requirements to improve a Smart Home Management System based on BLE
  1. Multi-Level Security Embedded with Surveillance System


  1. Real-time Detection System of Electrical Disturbances for Remote Communication Stations and Smart Grid.


  1. GSM-Based CommSense System to Measure and Estimate Environmental Changes


  1. Active Authentication on Mobile Devices via Stylometry, Application Usage, Web Browsing, and GPS Location


  1. A GPS-Based Control Framework for Accurate Current Sharing and Power Quality Improvement in Micro grids


  1. A Community-Driven Access Control Approach in Distributed IoT Environments


  1. Lane Determination With GPS Precise Point Positioning


  1. Robust Set-membership Filtering Techniques on GPS Sensor Jamming Mitigation


  1. Integrated Public Mobile Radio Networks/Satellite for Future Railway Communications


  1. Coupling Neighboring Micro grids for Overload Management Based on Dynamic Multicriteria Decision-Making


  1. Adversarial Testing to Increase the Overall Security of Embedded Systems


  1. Model Predictive Control Applied to the Dynamic Economic Dispatch Problem


  1. Security and Privacy in Smart City Applications: Challenges and Solutions


  1. GPS-Disciplined Analog-to-Digital Converter for Phasor Measurement Applications


  1. Dedicated real-time monitoring system for health care using ZigBee
  1. Stress Detection and Management


  1. A Temperature Compensated Smart Nitrate-Sensor for Agricultural Industry


  1. Data Fusion and IoT for Smart Ubiquitous Environments: A Survey


  1. Trust-Based Decision Making for Health IoT Systems


  1. Challenges and Opportunities of Waste Management in IoT-enabled Smart Cities: A Survey


  1. Green IoT: An Investigation on Energy Saving Practices for 2020 and Beyond



  1. IoT software infrastructure for Energy Management and Simulation in Smart Cities


  1. Situation-Aware Dynamic Service Coordination in an IoT Environment



  1. Security implications of permission models in smart home application framework


  1. A Bio-Inspired Analog Gas Sensing Front End



  1. An Energy-Efficient Architecture for the Internet of Things (IoT)


  1. Open IoT Ecosystem for Sporting Event Management


  1. Robust Relay Selection for Large-Scale Energy-Harvesting IoT Networks


  1. Battery Voltage Supervisors for Miniature IoT Systems


  1. A Subthreshold Voltage Reference With Scalable Output Voltage for Low-Power IoT Systems


  1. Dynamic Load Balancing Applying Water-filling Approach in Smart Grid Systems


  1. Many-Objective Sensor Selection in IoT Systems



  1. IoT Considerations, Requirements, and Architectures for Smart Buildings – Energy Optimization and Next Generation Building Management Systems


  1. Analysis of Three IoT-Based Wireless Sensors for Environmental Monitoring


  1. Efficient Solar Power Management System for Self-Powered IoT Node


  1. Delay Mitigation in Offloaded Cloud Controllers in Industrial IoT


  1. Smart Health Solution Integrating IoT and Cloud: A Case Study of Voice Pathology Monitoring


  1. Resilient IoT Architectures over Dynamic Sensor Networks with Adaptive Components


  1. Measurement and Characterisation of a Mobile IoT E-Health Application Latency


  1. Softwarization of Internet of Things Infrastructure for Secure and Smart Healthcare


  1. Empirical Study and Enhancements of Industrial Wireless Sensor-Actuator Network Protocols


  1. Create Your Own Internet of Things


  1. Connecting Things to the IoT by Using Virtual Peripherals on a Dynamically Multithreaded Cortex M3


  1. Residence Energy Control System Based on Wireless Smart Socket and IoT


  1. Scalable – Application Design for the IoT


  1. Analysis and Design of a Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting System With Reconfigurable Array of Thermoelectric Generators for IoT Applications


  1. The Future of Industrial communication


  1. An Interactive Telecare System Enhanced with IoT Technology


  1. An Autonomous Wireless Body Area Network Implementation Towards IoT Connected Healthcare Applications


  1. Distributed and Adaptive Medium Access Control for Internet-of-Things-Enabled Mobile Networks


  1. Anonymous Secure Framework in Connected Smart Home Environments


  1. Performance Analysis of Smartphone-Sensor Behavior for Human Activity Recognition


  1. Secure and Efficient Protocol for Route Optimization in PMIPv6-based Smart Home IoT Networks
  1. Performance-Oriented Coordinated Adaptive Robust Control for Four-Wheel Independently Driven Skid Steer Mobile Robot


  1. Obstacle Avoidance in Real Time with Nonlinear Model Predictive Control of Autonomous Vehicles Evitement d’obstacle en temps reel avec une command predictive non linear des vehicles autonomes


  1. A New Method for Indoor Low-cost Mobile Robot SLAM


  1. Path Following with Authority Sharing between Humans and Passive Robotic Walkers Equipped With Low-Cost Actuators



  1. Periodic event-triggered cooperative control of multiple non-holonomic wheeled mobile robots


  1. Adaptive Neural Network-Based Tracking Control for Full-State Constrained Wheeled Mobile Robotic System


  1. Curvature-Based Ground Vehicle Control of Trailer Path Following Considering Sideslip and Limited Steering Actuation


  1. Human Cooperative Wheelchair with Brain Machine Interaction Based on Shared Control Strategy


  1. Combined Speed and Steering Control in High Speed Autonomous Ground Vehicles for Obstacle Avoidance Using Model Predictive Control


  1. Evolution of Joint-Level Control for Quadrupedal Locomotion



  1. Autonomous Quadrotor for Accurate Positioning


  1. Design and Implementation of Non-Uniform Sampling Cooperative Control on A Group of Two-Wheeled Mobile Robots


  1. Integral Sliding Mode Flight Controller Design for A Quadrotor and The Application in A Heterogeneous Multi-Agent System


  1. Force Sensing, Low-Cost Manipulator in Mobile Robotics



  1. Autonomous Vehicle Control: A Nonconvex Approach for Obstacle Avoidance


  1. Neural adaptive output feedback formation control of type (m, s) wheeled mobile robots


  1. Motion Discontinuity-Robust Controller for Steerable Mobile Robots



  1. Obstacle Avoidance Strategy using Onboard Stereo Vision on a Flapping Wing MAV


  1. Acceleration Control for Dynamic Manipulation of a Robot Turning Over Objects


  1. Robust Stabilization of A Wheeled Mobile Robot Using Model Predictive Control Based on Neuro-Dynamics Optimization


  1. High-Speed Nonsingular Terminal Switched Sliding Mode Control of Robot Manipulators


  1. Robotic Pick-and-Place of Multiple Embryos for Vitrification


  1. Dynamical System based Robotic Motion Generation with Obstacle Avoidance


  1. Elastic Stability of Cosserat Rods and Parallel Continuum Robots


  1. Feedback control of soft robot actuators via commercial flex bend sensors