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          Raspberry Pi for home automation, in this case for creating a Web app that turns lights on and off remotely, though other power loads could be controlled too. The Raspberry Pi is used for the Internet connection, while a wireless remote control turns the lights on and off.


Home automation systems connected to the net , which can be used to control appliances in your home like lights, door locks, air conditioning, etc through a web interface or smartphone application. A lot of technologies are being developed around this concept such as independent light-weight  IoT networks, protocols for passing data,etc. Here, I will show you how you can get started on making a raspberry pi home automation system that is web based using normal HTTP protocols.You will be able to control any appliance in your home from anywhere around the world when your done with this Raspberry Pi home automation
                You can consider the whole system to be composed of two parts: Server and Client. Here, the server is the web interface consisting of buttons and UI (User Interface) that will allow you to turn ON/OFF a device.It consists of PHP files, Html files and a .txt file (to store data).The server usually stores information regarding the button press on the page (ON/OFF) on a .txt file.